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We understand that a helicopter is not an airplane. For our rotor winged customers, we have created a program just for you. Please see our HELICOPTERS page for details.

R.V.S.M. is our middle name, and we will be delighted to perform the RVSM 12 and 24 Month Re-Certifications on your corporate jet or turbo prop aircraft. As you know, RVSM Inspections are specific to each aircraft depending on which RVSM Solutions Package is installed, so we need to read the RVSM Instructions for Continued Airworthiness to determine what work needs to be accomplished. Please see our RVSM CERTIFICATIONS page for details.

If we are performing an IFR Pitot Static Inspection and the aircraft fails the inspection because the Pitot or Static System is leaking, we can usually fix the problem on the spot at the same visit. No rescheduling required...  We employ precision RVSM compliant Air Data Testing Equipment and are capable of diagnosing altimetry errors with speed and efficiency.

Pitot Static Guys LLC., is certified by the FAA to perform FAR 91.411 & 91.413 IFR and VFR 24 Month Pitot Static Inspections and Transponder Checks. We are also authorized to perform minor maintenance on Pitot Static and Transponder Systems. We operate a mobile service and travel any where within the greater Southern California area at no additional charge.

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FAA Certified Repair Station No. 2PUR923B

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We can also calibrate your Altitude Encoder or the Aspen Air Data Computer on-board your EFD 1000 EFIS Display.

If ATC has notified you that your Transponder is reporting altitude in error (usually they will call you if it is reporting altitude error in excess of two hundred feet or more) the problem could be in the altimeter, transponder or altitude encoder or a combination of error from the three.

If ATC constantly asks you to "Say Altitude" this could also be an indicator of Altitude Reporting Equipment problems. In any case, Pitot Static Guys is ready to put its over twenty years of aircraft maintenance experience to work for you! Please call or email us.