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FAA Certified Repair Station No. 2PUR923B
How Often Does The Pitot-Static And Transponder Systems Need To Be Certified?

‚ÄčThis inspection must be preformed every two years.  The regulation discussing this is found in 14 CFR 91.411, and is printed above. It is due at the end of the calendar month, 24 months after it was last done (if that makes any sense).  If you do it right you can go 25 months between each inspection.  An IFR pitot static test is required if you use your aircraft for IFR flight and in IMC conditions.  The test must be performed by a certified repair station with appropriate ratings for this specialized service.  This inspection is to be done in accordance with 14 CFR Appendix E of Part 43. All operators, IFR and VFR, are required to have their transponder inspected every two years in accordance with 14 CFR 91.413 and part 43 appendix F.   This inspection must also be performed by a certified repair station with the appropriate ratings.

Do I Need To Be There While You Guys Are Certifying My Altimeter and Transponder?

No! You may be present if you like, but we can also make arrangements to work on your aircraft while you are not there.  We frequently work with FBO's or maintenance facilities to make this service as convenient as possible to our customers.  Additionally, we accept Credit Card payment on-site or over the phone and will instantly send you a receipt via text message or email.


If The Aircraft Fails The Inspection Can Pitot Static Guys Fix The Problems?

Yes in most cases.  Pitot Static Guys LLC is authorized by the FAA to perform inspections and minor maintenance on pitot-static and transponder systems.  We are not authorized to repair components inside instruments or radios.  If your instrument or radio needs service that requires us to pull the unit and send it out for repair, we can do that.

 In some cases we sell outside vendor services at less than consumer cost.  This is because the volume of work that we send to our vendors has earned us a dealer discount and we pass a portion of that discount on to our customers.  

All of our radio and instrument vendors are also FAA Certified Repair Stations with the appropriate ratings to cover the work they perform.Many problems can be addressed and corrected on-site and on the spot.  

However, If a radio or instrument must be sent out for repair, Pitot Static Guys will make reasonable efforts to acquire a loaner or rental unit on your behalf so that you may continue to use your aircraft while your radio or instrument is in the shop.We perform IFR and VFR Inspections on a flat rate pricing scale, please see our "ADS" page by clicking on the link.  

If your aircraft is located in Southern California, we will come to your location at no charge.  Minor repair and troubleshooting services will be performed at our time and material rate of $75.00 per hour.

Your FAQ's Section Didn't Fully Answer All Of My Questions.  Where Can I Get More Info? I Still need more information?  

‚ÄčNo problem, drop us a line by going to the contact page and filling out the form.  We will do our best to answer your question or refer you to someone who can answer your questions in a timely manner.  Thanks for visiting our site.